The ethos of LifeStage Academy is: 'Life is performed on a Stage, and the Stage is a place where we often learn about life, how to live it, and how to be successful'.

LifeStage Academy aims to do three things in young people: improve self- confidence, self-belief and increase self-awareness. These skills can help people in whatever they choose to become in life, whether a dancer, actor, singer, but equally other jobs, such as accountant, lawyer, teacher, or salesperson.

LifeStage will provide teaching for students to become professionals in any of the three main areas of performing arts, but also aims to equip them with skills for life, through positive tuition, skills development, group work, and an encouraging and professional teaching environment.


LifeStage prioritizes above all, the safety and care of children and young people who are part of the Academy.

LifeStage has a comprehensive set of Child Protection Policy documents, and Health and Safety Policy which parents can request a copy of.

All tutors who work at LifeStage have to have an up to date CRB check in order to be able to work with the students. They have to adhere to all sections of the Child Protection and Health and Safety Policy.

There is also always an emergency first-aider amongst the LifeStage staff at every LifeStage venue.


LifeStage Academy of Performing Arts is run by Dave Herringshaw. Dave is a Semi-Professional Musician who is genuinely passionate about Music and Singing, and the positive impact Performing Arts can have on the lives of young people. As well as being a singer/songwriter, he plays regularly in a band called The Funk Factory, who play at weddings, parties and corporate functions, and has worked as a session musician and singer on a variety of albums over the past few years.

By day, Dave works at a High School in Leeds teaching Performing Arts, Music, and Instrumentation in Piano, Guitar, Bass and Singing, specializing in teaching improvisational styles, such as rock, jazz, blues and pop. He leads choirs and works with bands and groups of instrumentalists, as well as teaching “beat boxing” and freestyle rapping. Outside of school, he teaches instrumentation privately.

For the past 10 years in Leeds he has run the music for a high profile music event called Carols In The Park, where his jazz carol arrangements are performed by a 20 part choir and jazz/funk band. Quite simply, Dave loves Music, inspiring and leading others, and performing as often as he can!